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February 7, 2011 / Alyssa Martin

Gisele Lagace

I have to be honest and admit that I have a a sure case of favoritism when it comes to Gisele Lagace. Both a artist and writer for webcomics, I have followed, and continue to follow, all the webcomics Lagace has been involved with.

Her webomic work includes:

I don’t want to repeat what you can just read on Lagace’s personal site, and I plan on focusing the above mentioned webcomics at a later date. Instead I’d rather reflect on Lagace’s style of drawing.

I’ve been following Lagace’s work ever since I found Penny & Aggie, and have subsequently followed the launch and continuations of both Menage a 3 and Eerie Cuties. I’ve always found Lagace’s style as very familiar and clean, but it wasn’t until I checked out Lagace’s professional site where she put up samples of her work that it became clear just what draws me to her art.

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January 26, 2011 / Alyssa Martin

Red String

Red String defines itself as an “online graphic novel.” It was one of the first I began to read, and continue to follow today.

Red String is written and drawn by Gina Biggs, who started the site in May 2003.

The story is set in Japan and follows 16 year-old Miharu Ogawa and her friends Reika Matsuo and Fuuko Akimoto as they deal with the pressures and changes of growing up.

The starting point for the story revolves around Miharu finding out that her parents have arranged her marriage in order to save their restaurant business. Independant and outspoken Miharu feels betrayed by her parents. However when Miharu is finally forced to meet her betrothed, Kazuo Fujiwara, they find themselves smitten with one another.

This is merely the beginning of a story that has grown quite complex and matured each year that it continues. Kazuo and Miharu’s relationship is tested by obstacles such as another suitor, and Kazuo’s strict and overbearing father. Meanwhile there are many side stories that focus on other characters in the graphic novel including Miharu’s friends and family.

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